EXPeriencing ‘Power Rangers’

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I was born in 1989, which means I grew up watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and was a die hard fan. I don’t know anyone I grew up with who wasn’t a Power Rangers fan, because all kids are Power Rangers fans. Not all kids may be Might Morphin’ fans, but since some iteration of Power Rangers has been on air for 24 seasons, if you’ve watched TV as a child at some point starting in 1993, you are a Power Rangers fan.

So of course when the 2017 live action Power Rangers came out, I was going to go see it with my husband, who also grew up a Mighty Morphin’ fan (although we do differ in our opinion of best/favorite Ranger. I’m for Pink/Kimberly, obviously, and he’s a Green/Tommy fan.). We didn’t have high expectations. I mean, have you actually watched a Power Rangers show as an adult? It’s terrible. Which is why kids love it.

But let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. A better word would actually be thrilled. Or delighted.

Because Power Rangers was fucking awesome.

I said this on Facebook, but it bears repeating: You know when movie reviewers say “It’s the most fun you’ll have at the movies all [season]”? Yeah, that’s Power Rangers. If you were born between 1985 and 1993 and watched Power Rangers on TV, this is one of the most fun movies you will ever see.

One of the things that surprised me the most was that the story line is well done. (I know, I set the bar pretty low.) The plot made sense, and the characters’ small town teenage problems were both believable and current. They’re dealing with stuff teenagers nowadays deal with, particularly as it applies to the internet and social media.

The characters were also believable, and thankfully diverse. When Alpha 5 (the Rangers’ robot trainer buddy) first meets the Rangers when they’ve gotten their power coins, he says, “Different colors, different kids, different colored kids!” he’s not kidding. They could have taken it a little farther by not making Jason, the Red Ranger, white and blond, but you know. Hollywood.

The best part about Power Rangers is the very deliberate but judicious camp. As I said, the original Might Morphin’ Power Rangers series is terrible. It’s so campy it’s hard to watch if you’re older than 8. But the camp is what makes it undeniably Power Rangers, and the 2017 movie pays respectful tribute to that without hurting the overall quality of the movie. It ramps up the nostalgia factor, and there’s one part in particular that had the entire back row of the theater I was in—all couples in our mid-to-late 20s—laughing so hard in delight we were almost cheering.

This iteration of Power Rangers was made for two audiences: kids who are currently fans of Power Rangers, and millennials who are paying big for nostalgia and reliving our childhood. Power Rangers delivered some serious nostalgia, and it was a fun and well-made action movie. If you’re looking to relive your childhood, I highly recommend going to see Power Rangers.

I like their new suits. Don’t @ me. (Image via.)

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