EXPeriencing the Rock Clock

I suffer from depression, which, among other side effects, makes it hard for me to get up in the mornings or sit down and write for myself (hence why I haven’t written a blog post in three months). I take generic Prozac to help fight my depression, but even with medication it can still be hard to work up motivation to write, go for a run, or get up in the mornings.

At the beginning of the month, I was having a particularly hard time getting up and found myself sleeping through my alarms more often than usual. (That’s “alarms” with an S. Until recently, I would set at least four alarms at 15 minute intervals because I would always sleep through the first one and wasn’t conscious enough to do anything until the fourth.) I was getting ready to research different alarm apps and clocks when, on May 3, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson released an alarm clock app: the Rock Clock.

Given how timely the app’s release was, I downloaded it almost immediately. It took a couple days of getting used to, but it’s now my primary alarm, and it wakes me up right away every morning. This is particularly important because it doesn’t have a snooze button.

The Rock doesn’t believe in snoozing, therefore, there is no snooze button. You can’t get up and going in the morning if you’re sleeping for another nine, 15, 30 minutes. The Rock happens to be a morning person, as I’ve come to learn both from following him on Instagram and from the Rock Clock itself. Of course you can set your own alarm, but there’s a special alarm you can always turn on that’s “Rock Time.” This syncs with the Rock’s own alarm so you can wake up with him every morning. Usually Rock Time is set between 4:15 and 5:00 a.m. Hell-to-the-no, Rock. I struggle to get up by 8, let’s not push it.

RockClockAlarmTonesOnce you set your alarm, you get to choose from one of 24 alarm tones. These aren’t your average iPhone ringtones. These are hand-curated by the Rock himself and include, but are not limited to, guitar riffs, eagle screeches, phat beats, and—most popular—the Rock himself singing you awake: “Good morning sunshine. Yeah, that’s what the Rock just said. Open your eyes up, get your candy-ass outta bed.” Currently, I have “Beats by Hobbs” selected as my alarm tone. Hobbs is the Rock’s dog. It’s Hobbs’ barking mixed to a sweet beat. If you’ve grown accustomed to your regular alarm tones like I had, these will definitely get your candy-ass outta bed in the mornings.

The first morning I attempted to use the Rock Clock, I didn’t quite understand how the app functioned. It tells you to put it in Sleep Mode with instructions to keep the app open, turn your volume up, and leave your phone on. Okay, no problemo. I turned it on Sleep Mode and locked my phone like I always do. Moments later I got an alert that said, “Leave the app open in sleep mode to get your wake up alarm from the Rock.” Okay, yeah, it is open, what’s the problem?

RockClockInstructionsThe problem is that you can’t lock your phone. You have to leave the app open, on, and displaying on your screen in Sleep Mode for the app to work. It’s a good thing I had set a couple backup alarms on my phone that first night because I just was not making that connection that “open” = “not locked.” I don’t really mind that you have to keep the app open and displaying because my phone is plugged in all night anyway, but I have a glass-topped nightstand so I can see the light shining through the edge of the glass ever so slightly if it’s too close to the bed. But overall, it’s not that big of a deal.

I’ve been waking up to the Rock Clock every morning for the past two weeks, and it is actually helping me get up in the morning. Whether it’s a sweet guitar riff titled “BAMF” or a pup barking a beat, it’s pretty pleasant to wake up to. But that’s not where the app’s usefulness ends. There’s a message every morning, oftentimes a personally recorded video from the Rock himself, encouraging you to get out of bed and “get after it.” Because the Rock Clock is not just an alarm app—it’s also a goal-setting app! You can set your own goal or a pre-determined goal: “Gain five pounds of muscle.” “Eat healthier. More green stuff.” “Finally clean out garage/closet/locker.” You can set a deadline to complete your goal, or leave it as an ongoing project. I currently am working on my goal of “Start blogging again.” I thought it only appropriate to get after my goal by writing about the tool that helped me set this as a goal in the first place. It makes you feel like someone is holding you accountable without being overbearing about it, which is important for me.

To anyone who struggles to get up in the morning and needs a little extra motivation, or anyone who’s a fan of the Rock, check out the Rock Clock. It’s a fun alarm app with some much better alarm tones than your phone already has, and it’ll help you with some goal-setting in the process.

To the Rock, thank you for this app. It really has helped me in the mornings, and I appreciate all the help I can get in battling depression and getting after my goals.


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