EXPeriencing Fox’s Monday Lineup (And Saying Goodbye to ‘The Bachelor’)

Cover image via Know Your Meme.

I had every intention of bringing my laptop home from work this evening so I could live tweet the second half of The Bachelor and then write a blog post about what I thought of the show four weeks in.

That plan was derailed when I kept my TV on Fox after the second episode of The X-Files reboot to watch the premiere of Lucifer.

Before four weeks ago, I had only ever seen one episode ever of The Bachelor. It was the most recent season finale in which the Bachelor Chris proposed to one of the two girls he had been dating on the show, Whitney, in a barn. They are no longer together.

I watched this episode not because I was suddenly struck with the desire to watch The Bachelor 19 seasons in, but because my friend was hosting a cupcake-decorating party—cupcakes and wine provided. Duh I’m going to enjoy that social time instead of sitting home! While the finale of the show was ridiculous, partly because I had zero context, it was a fun time hanging out with friends and eating sugar.

So, when this season of The Bachelor began, I again joined my friends for wine, but this time I was going to get the full Bachelor story from the beginning.

What. A. Train wreck.

There are some much more established, much funnier blogs out there with episode recaps of The Bachelor so I won’t wade into that, but what I saw in the first episode truly blew my mind. Girls getting out of limos with unicorn masks on, breaking bread on the curb, crazies getting drunk and getting mad at the Bachelor for not making eye contact. What.

Why is this a thing that happened? Via.

But I was hanging out with friends, we all made fun of the situations equally, and all-in-all, it was a pretty entertaining evening. I attempted to watch the second episode on my own the next week, but no dice. Watching it alone just made me irritable at the ridiculous situations. Week three, I joined my friends again and had a blast watching the weirdest, most outrageous show on television.

But, last week’s foray into The Bachelor may have been my last for a time, because Fox’s Monday lineup from 8-10 is much more my speed.

At 8: The X-Files reboot. Tonight was the second episode, and all aboard the Feel Train! I didn’t watch The X-Files much when I was a kid, mostly because I was too addicted to Nickelodeon to change the channel, but also because Goosebumps gave me all the nightmares I needed, thankyouverymuch. However, Terry watched all nine seasons with his brother and mom when they aired in the ’90s. Of course I was going to force him to watch the reboot with me. He’s experiencing some deeper nostalgia-driven feels than I am, but I can appreciate the 15-year-old relationship between Mulder and Scully and the continuation of their story. And aliens.

Duh. Via.

Then, at 9: The series premiere of Lucifer. I heard about this show for the first time about 24 hours ago when watching the NFC Championship Game, but the previews played a song that fits right in with my favorite Pandora station, so I at least knew the show would have good style. Because it was premiering after The X-Files on the same channel, I figured, why turn to ABC when I could stay on Fox and watch a show with witty banter and a sexy British antihero? There’s no more quintessential antihero than the Devil himself, after all.

Lucifer was the right decision. A stellar soundtrack, good dialogue, and an intriguing plot of the Devil helping a detective solve a murder added up to a pretty solid pilot episode. The X-Files and Lucifer will be on again next Monday from 8-10, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching.

Sorry, Ben. No more roses for this girl.

(And with these ten extra words, I’m at 666 words. Boom.)


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