EXPeriencing Book Madness 2015

The amount of anguish some sports fans feel when filling out their March Madness brackets is comparable to the anguish I feel when filling out my Out of Print Book Madness bracket. It truly makes a difference when you care about the subject matter of your bracket. Do I care if North Carolina State beats LSU in March Madness? Nope, not one bit. Do I care if Where the Wild Things Are advances instead of Go Tell It On the Mountain? Yes. I care quite a lot.

I’ve already blogged about my love for Book Madness, but just as March Madness is covered for a solid month on every sports channel and website in the country, Book Madness deserves to be gushed over on every book/media blog on the internet. It’s just so fun. It’s books vs. books for god’s sake, of course it’s fun!

Book Madness is new and inventive every year, but this year there are two elements that make it extra fun: all the books are books OOP has t-shirts/products for, and John Green filled out a bracket and shared it for all to see.

In past years, Book Madness has centered around a specific theme (Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Heroes vs. Villains, etc.), but this year is a little different. According to the site: “For our 5-year anniversary, we are returning to the classics – specifically those that you, the fans, have recommended over the years to become part of the Out of Print collection.” I don’t know quite how huge OOP’s fan-base is, but it’s both big and small enough that when fans want a new product, OOP delivers. They’ve been heavy on the nostalgia lately with the their Where the Wild Things Are products and other children’s literature (The Little Prince, Corduroy, Good Night Moon), but they definitely have it on lock with the classics, too (To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, Slaughterhouse-Five). And one of the coolest things about OOP? You can buy stuff with those book covers on them! How could you not love that? And then you get to pit them head-to-head in a tournament where the winningest bracket gets a $500 gift card to then buy all those products? Amazing.

The other cool thing about 2015’s Book Madness was getting to see John Green’s bracket. Ours really couldn’t look more different. Like seriously. Our brackets are almost 100% different. For instance, Hamlet is against Ender’s Game in Round 1. I have Ender’s Game going to the Elite Eight. John Green’s bracket says, “Really? Hamlet” and has Hamlet winning it all. So that’s where we stand against each other. In case you’re curious, here’s John Green’s bracket, and here’s my Final Four:


To Kill a Mockingbird won it all before in 2011 (defeating The Great Gatsby, no less), but I have faith. I believe the people will come through and show our love for Harper Lee. Or maybe I’m still just too excited that Go Set a Watchman is coming out. Whatever.

Books rule.

Visit Out of Print’s website to fill out your own Book Madness bracket before they close on the 22nd!

Also, with every purchase you make from Out of Print, they send a book to a community in need. Awesome clothes and an awesome cause. You can’t beat that.

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