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  • EXPeriencing ‘Arrow’

    EXPeriencing ‘Arrow’

    Cover image via. I probably never would have started watching Arrow without having become addicted to The Flash first. Considering The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow, and considering The Flash is so well-written and engrossing, it stands to reason that Arrow should be about as good, too, right? I would say yes, but it’s a slower build up than The Flash. When Arrow started, […]

  • EXPeriencing ‘The Flash’: Season One

    EXPeriencing ‘The Flash’: Season One

    Cover photo via MoviePilot. I typically think of myself as a Marvel Universe fan. I immersed myself in Marvel in the early 2000s when I saw X-Men and Spider-Man in theaters. They were fun, had intriguing characters, and everyone was full of powers that I craved as a teenager. (To the point that I was writing […]