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  • EXPeriencing ‘Stranger Things’

    EXPeriencing ‘Stranger Things’

    Cover image via. I didn’t mean to be late to the Stranger Things party, but that’s just how things happened. Terry and I were binge-watching Wayward Pines on Hulu when Stranger Things was released on Netflix. The first thing I noticed is both shows are tied to the Duffer Brothers. Terry and I were really enjoying Wayward Pines, so when we finished […]

  • Re-EXPeriencing My Love of [All] Movies

    Re-EXPeriencing My Love of [All] Movies

    Cover image via. Two weeks ago the Republican National Convention ended, and I needed a distraction from reality. After looking through my collection of movies I’ve seen a million times, I turned on Netflix to find something else. Criminal Minds didn’t seem appealing; neither did Fixer Upper. So I turned to the movie section and found that […]

  • EXPeriencing ‘The Flash’: Season One

    EXPeriencing ‘The Flash’: Season One

    Cover photo via MoviePilot. I typically think of myself as a Marvel Universe fan. I immersed myself in Marvel in the early 2000s when I saw X-Men and Spider-Man in theaters. They were fun, had intriguing characters, and everyone was full of powers that I craved as a teenager. (To the point that I was writing […]

  • EXPeriencing Netflix’s Daredevil

    EXPeriencing Netflix’s Daredevil

    Image via Newsarama. I have four words for you regarding Netflix’s Daredevil series: Go watch it. Now. Seriously, it is so. good. My husband and I binge-watched the whole season (as you do with Netflix shows) a few weeks ago, and just wow. I am hooked. First, let me share two quick disclaimers: 1.) I love the Marvel cinematic […]