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  • A Woman’s Place Is in the Resistance

    A Woman’s Place Is in the Resistance

    Cover photo art by Hayley Gilmore and is available for download along with her other designs! Thank you, Hayley! Well it’s been a bit of a week, I’d say. On Wednesday, January 18, I saw Hamilton in Chicago with my best friend. It’s hard to put the experience into words (without a lot of superlatives). After […]

  • EXPeriencing the 2016 Tony Awards

    EXPeriencing the 2016 Tony Awards

    Cover image via. At 2 a.m. on Sunday, June 12, 49 people were shot dead and 53 were wounded at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Eighteen hours later, the 70th Annual Tony Awards were held at the Beacon Theater in New York City. On a day where the LGBTQ community—and the United States—was devastated by […]