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  • EXPeriencing: [My] Depression

    EXPeriencing: [My] Depression

    Emo cover photo via. Everyone experiences mental health issues differently. I have depression. But that in no way means someone else who has depression experiences it the same way I do. I have a touch of anxiety that is manifested from my depression. But plenty of people have anxiety that may manifest depression. Every experience…

  • EXPeriencing SAD, Mental Health, and Triumphs Big & Small

    EXPeriencing SAD, Mental Health, and Triumphs Big & Small

    I made it five days after NaNoWriMo before I had to open my computer and write something else unrelated to work. It looks like once you get that habit of writing 1,667 words per day for 30 straight days, you can’t help but write after that. NaNoWriMo is quite the challenge. I always thought I…